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Commercial heads, social hearts

LIFEstyle by EQUANS is a new proposition, which is far more about long term community focused service provision than it is traditional property development. Designing houses and bungalows that are future proof, adaptable and energy efficient, with a central hub designed to interconnect communities providing a safe space to enable activities, facilitate volunteering and offer wellbeing services into the community; supporting independence is what we do.

Our approach to supporting wellbeing ensures value for money to our customers.

  • The Pay as you go service model ensures the core service charge remains affordable, there is no transfer fee on vacation and only a peppercorn ground rent is collected.
  • Specialist staff striving to proactively combat social isolation.
  • Access to an electric car pool to prevent the need to continue to own and run a car.
  • Digital innovations which enable people to stay independent and safe for longer.
  • Innovations which support carbon neutral ambitions and tackle fuel poverty.

Investment in People of older ages is our focus and we are also proud to invest in our LIFEstyle team. By having a team with experiential knowledge and a focused approach on the needs of older people, along with best practice design methodology, we can provide our business partners with a very specialist service that can enable delivery of adaptable homes and support services that are at the heart of the community.