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Our Social Values

Through our range of services we have a positive impact on society including increased employment, aiding patient recovery, creating safe and effective learning and working environments. In addition, the work we are developing on raising awareness of air quality and promoting green mobility will help to improve health and wellbeing in the urban environment.

Our employees can support this through their volunteering time, fundraising for the EQUANS Chosen Charities, supporting people from disadvantaged groups into employment and more.

It is our responsibility to manage our activities in such a way to reduce risk and maximise the positive impacts that we deliver, to enable us to improve the lives of communities and clients that we serve.


EQUANS has developed a social impact framework measurement tool that enables us to reflect and better communicate the social value delivered by all our operations and Corporate Responsibility activity. This includes a financial return on investment figure, but also enables us to report on the real differences that our services make to the lives of local communities.

We are already delivering social value through various projects and initiatives. We partner with national and local organisations to support employment and training programmes.