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The Sense of Community

EQUANS work closely with local authorities and community stakeholders to shape places which provide intergenerational housing and service solutions supported by green energy and digital infrastructure.

We provide place shaping solutions, which generates extensive social value from the development of public and private land. Combining mixed tenure housing that integrates homes suitable for all ages and includes “none-gated” age restricted areas for older people. We are confident we can deliver sustainable local housing solutions to meet both demographic and climate change.

EQUANS work with a wide range of partners including local authorities, housing associations, house builders, specialist providers and investors to ensure maximum outcomes and efficiencies enabling co-production and a localised support network which will ensure availability of services in to the future.

Each community hub will be unique – designed to meet local needs in close consultation with the wider community.

We work hard to ensure neighbours become friends, integrating new customers with those living at and around the development. We create opportunities for younger people in the community to socialise with our customers – encouraging intergenerational harmony.

We arrange many social events, such as Christmas parties and meet-your-neighbour events, baking or cooking classes. We try to provide opportunities for volunteering to benefit the wider community. All these events offer customers a chance to socialise, make new friends and invest in the wider community.