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Positive About Ageing

We are 100% positive about ageing; but what does this mean?

Communicating on a level with our customers, treating them as individuals and making no assumptions about them because of their age.

We have observed no one ever wants to feel they are, or are considered to be “old”. It is a description that most wish to avoid. The current generation of 70 year olds were the revolutionary teenagers who attended Woodstock, demonstrated at Greenham Common and rocked the establishment with their mini-skirts and flared trousers.

It was our older generation who created fashion brands such as Mary Quant, Zandra Rhodes and BIBA. It was this generation who introduced glam rock and even punk. Every person is unique and just as their needs are different, their aspirations and expectations relating to their home and LIFEstyle are too.

We are committed to creating solutions that offer choice and control to our customers but we also wish to enable our customers to feel empowered. That empowerment may well come from having control of their lives through innovations, but it also comes from being afforded respect.