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Which property: Amethyst Bungalow
Date moved into property: 2018

How has your first month in the home been?

I’ve been in the property now for just over a month and whilst there are still finishing touches to be made, it’s really taking shape and beginning to feel like my home. The team are working to get the bigger jobs completed. I had my first Christmas in my home and I spent some time with friends and my son and daughter in law.

Why did you choose a LIFEstyle by EQUANS home? What was the appeal?

The home met all my requirements. I loved the thought of the extra amenities that came with it, such as The Community Hub which hopefully will be opening soon.

With being on my own, I wanted to feel part of a community and to meet new, like-minded people who would hopefully become friends. At my last home I didn’t have neighbours and so the community feel of the property was a huge draw.

The development is also in a great location and I know the Walton area well. I have some friends nearby and have spent many sunny afternoons sat outside at the Waterton Park Hotel and often enjoy lunch there. There are also some nice walks close to the development.

My son and daughter-in-law even got me golf lessons at the Golf Club for Christmas so having all of this on my doorstep is ideal.

Favourite thing about the home?

No stairs! As well as good size rooms and a warm, cosy, homely feel.

The process – did it run smoothly / anyone from the team who particularly helped etc.

Zoe and Lydia at the Sales Office were a great help and we know each other very well now! I’ve also had plenty of contact with Moya Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at LIFEstyle by EQUANS, which is not often the case with new developments. I was also lucky enough to be part of a photoshoot for the brand and had my hair and make-up done, the photographer even said I was a natural! This is just another example of the LIFEstyle by EQUANS team going above and beyond.

How did you find the Christmas Meet Your Neighbour event?

I really enjoyed the event, we had a sing along and it got us into the Christmas spirit. I was able to meet and get to know some of my neighbours – Oh and not forgetting the delicious food and plenty of prosecco that was on offer!

What do you enjoy about the lifestyle here on the Waterton Green site? Are there any other events or activities you would be keen to see happening?

I’ve now found I am within walking distance of the shop and the pub, and once the hub opens I believe I’ll be close to lots of other amenities too, meaning I won’t need to drive around. I look forward to more meet your neighbour events, walking groups, exercise lessons and hopefully some dance classes. I’m not a fan of bridge though – I know that will probably be a popular suggestion, so I might have to learn that too.


Which property: The Aurora
Date moved into property: 2018

How has your first month in the home been?

A little hectic as always with a property move, but the team at LIFEstyle by EQUANS have been fantastic – if we’ve had any issues or requests they’ve been more than happy to help. We’ve had a few final touches cosmetics-wise, but nothing major. We enjoyed Christmas in the house and are starting to feel more at home. We lived in our previous property for 30 years so it was quite a change, but now we’re in and starting to settle, we feel we’ve made the right decision.

Why you chose a LIFEstyle by EQUANS home? What was the appeal?

We first enquired back in February 2017 and although we had never been to Walton before we fell in love with the area instantly. I think one of the key factors for us was the Over 55’s element of the development; we look forward to meeting more like-minded people and enjoying the lovely community feel LIFEstyle by EQUANS have created.

As we spend six months of the year in the UK and the other six months in Portugal, security was key for us and we wanted to ensure our home would be safe whilst we were away. LIFEstyle by EQUANS has provided CCTV on the development, as well as extra support when and where needed.

It is important to know that if our requirements do change as we get older we’re in the perfect place for it, as our property can be adapted to fit our needs. We also had to consider whether we’d both be happy to live here on our own, if it came to it, and it’s definitely somewhere that we do feel comfortable and safe and know that we’re never too far away from a community of people.

Favourite thing about the home?

It still has that new home feel. It’s light, airy and bigger than we thought, but still easy to clean. We love how modern it is and it just really suits us at this time in our lives. We’re in a ground floor apartment so have use of a lovely big garden. We did get a few extras such as flooring, carpet fitting, special taps and a wall mounted fire, which have all turned out great.

The process – did it run smoothly? Is there anyone from the team who particularly helped?
Zoe really looked after us and we’ve kept in touch, in fact I spoke to her this morning. LIFEstyle by EQUANS has been really accommodating, especially when we sold our old house sooner than the new property was ready. They funded the storage we needed for our belongings and flights for us to spend some time out in Portugal whilst we waited for completion.

The whole team is very efficient and the customer care has been outstanding, particularly Juliet and Lucy who we have had regular contact with, they have been so helpful and supportive – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the development to anyone.

How did you find the Christmas Meet your Neighbour event?

It was a lovely opportunity to meet people. We look forward to more events like this in the future.

What do you enjoy about the lifestyle here on the Waterton Green site?

There are so many lovely walks in the area, as well as libraries and pubs close by. It’s just a pleasurable place to live, we feel very content here.