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Wellbeing Services

Sited within our community hub, there will be a LIFEstyle Assistant who is there to enable customers to access any help or advice that they may need to support independent living. Further to this our LIFEstyle Assistant can also arrange modifications to your home to meet your requirements in older age.

There are several pay-as-you-go services that can meet the needs of people when and if they need it. Examples of which are, access to domestic cleaning services, gardening, dog walking, DIY support/property maintenance.

Whenever individual needs change, either for a temporary period of ill health or permanent impact on mobility, our customers service package can be adapted to provide just what they need.

We work with partners to offer a Care-Link, which provides customers with the peace of mind that they can raise an alert 24 hours a day. An alert can be raised using various devices which we demonstrate in our innovation show home.